Terms and Conditions

1. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

1.1. By accessing or using our website and its services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with any part of these Terms and Conditions, please refrain from using our website and its services.

2. Operator Identification

2.1. This website is operated by TAKEaSAIL, LLC ("TAKEaSAIL", "Company", "we", "our", or "us"). TAKEaSAIL, LLC is a limited liability company duly organized and existing under the laws of Delaware, United States of America. Our registered office is located at 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, Delaware 19958, County of Sussex.

3. Requesting a Quote

3.1. Account Creation and Privacy Policy Acceptance

3.1.1. When you request a quote for a yacht, you consent to the creation of an account on our website, provided one does not already exist, and acknowledge your agreement to adhere to our Privacy Policy.

3.2. Skipper Confirmation

3.2.1. In instances where you request a yacht without a skipper, you must confirm that either you or the designated captain possesses the requisite knowledge and experience to safely operate a yacht. Documentation may be requested for verification purposes.

3.3. Booking Process

3.3.1. If the requested yacht is available, we will proceed with a pre-reservation and subsequently issue an invoice. In cases where the requested yacht is unavailable, alternative options will be presented for your consideration, if available.

3.4. Payment Obligation

3.4.1. Upon receipt of the invoice, you are obligated to make payment within a maximum period of 48 hours. Failure to comply with this payment deadline will result in the cancellation of the booking.

3.5. Yacht Price Components

3.5.1. It is important to note that the total price of a yacht charter comprises the base price, which is payable to our Company, the security deposit, which is payable to the charter company directly at the marina, and any additional extras, typically payable at the marina as well.

4. Payments and Refunds

4.1. Payment Confirmation

4.1.1. A user may proceed to make payment subsequent to the confirmation of yacht availability by our Company and the receipt of an invoice specifying the total amount payable.

4.2. Full Payment Requirement

4.2.1. To secure the reservation of a yacht, the full booking amount must be paid in its entirety. There are two accepted methods of payment:

a. Payment by Payment Card: Users can make payment via a payment card directly on our website. The link to the payment page will be provided along with the invoice. Payments made by card are processed by Stripe, Inc.

b. Bank Wire Transfer: Users opting for payment by bank wire transfer must initiate contact with us via email to request the necessary bank details.

4.3. Booking Confirmation

4.3.1. The booking of a yacht will be officially confirmed upon the receipt of the full payment by the Company.

4.4. Non-Refundable Booking

4.4.1. Users acknowledge and agree that, once the full payment has been received by the Company, the booking becomes non-refundable.

4.5. Payment Processing

4.5.1. Payment card transactions are securely processed by Stripe, Inc. The Company shall not be liable for any issues arising from payment card processing.

4.6. Compliance with Terms and Conditions

4,6.1. By proceeding with payment, users confirm their understanding of and adherence to these terms and conditions concerning payments and refunds.

5. Subscription

5.1. Consent to Marketing Emails and Privacy Policy

5.1.1. By subscribing to our deals, you explicitly provide your consent to receive marketing emails from our Company and acknowledge your agreement to abide by our Privacy Policy.

5.2. Unsubscribing

5.2.1. You have the option to unsubscribe from our marketing emails by either clicking the "Unsubscribe" link located at the bottom of any marketing email sent by us or by initiating contact through our "Contact Us" form. Please be aware that unsubscribing will not result in the automatic removal of your personal data from our records.

6. Affiliate Program

6.1. Affiliate Link and User Session

6.1.1. Upon joining our Affiliate Program, you will be provided with a unique URL link that can be shared with others. When a user visits our website via your provided link, we record your reference ID within a user session. Subsequently, if the user creates an account on our website, they become permanently affiliated with you. It is important to note that this user session remains active for a duration of two weeks. Any visitor who fails to create an account within this timeframe will not be eligible for affiliation with you.

6.2. Commission Eligibility and Payouts

6.2.1. When a user, who is affiliated with you, makes a booking and completes the full payment, you become eligible to receive a commission equivalent to 5% of the total booking amount, excluding any additional extras not payable to our Company. Payouts are typically processed within a two-week timeframe following the complete payment of a booking. These payouts will be transferred to the bank account specified within your Affiliate Dashboard. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that accurate and correct bank details are provided for this purpose.

7. Promotion Codes

7.1. Application of Promotion Codes

7.1.1 Promotion codes, hereafter referred to as "promo codes," can be applied during the payment process, subsequent to a user's receipt of an invoice from our Company. Promo codes should be entered into the designated field on the payment page.

7.2. Nature of Discounts

7.2.1. Promo codes may offer either a percentage reduction from the total booking amount or a fixed monetary reduction in USD.

7.3. Expiration of Promo Codes

7.3.1. Promo codes that include an expiration date are only valid until the conclusion of the specified date. After this period, the promo code becomes void and cannot be redeemed.

7.4. Minimum Booking Amount Requirement

7.4.1. Promo codes that specify a minimum booking amount must only be used when the total booking amount payable to the Company exceeds the minimum amount stipulated in the promo code terms.

7.5. Non-Combinable with Personal Discounts

7.5.1. Promo codes cannot be combined with any other personal discounts or offers unless explicitly stated by the Company.

7.6. Compliance with Terms and Conditions

7.6.1. By using a promo code, users acknowledge and agree to adhere to these terms and conditions regarding the application and use of promo codes.