Understanding Skippered and Crewed Yacht Charters

Meet the crew: unraveling the roles of skippers, chefs, deckhands, and hosts in skippered and crewed yacht charters

Embarking on a yacht charter vacation is an unparalleled experience, offering luxury, freedom, and the chance to explore breathtaking destinations. While some may dream of taking the helm themselves, others prefer the convenience and relaxation of having a professional crew on board. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of skippered and crewed yacht charters, unraveling the various crew member roles, discussing the different options available, shedding light on the Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA), gratuity expectations, and providing insights to help you choose the perfect skippered or crewed yacht charter experience.


The skipper or captain is an essential member of the crew, responsible for the safe navigation and overall operation of the yacht. They possess in-depth knowledge of the waters, local regulations, and yacht systems. Their primary role is to ensure the well-being and safety of all guests on board, while also managing the crew and coordinating the itinerary. The skipper can provide valuable insights on local attractions, recommend scenic anchorages, and assist with water activities.



The deckhand plays a vital role in maintaining the yacht's exterior and assisting with various tasks on board. They handle the mooring lines, keep the decks tidy, assist with water sports activities, and ensure the yacht's safety equipment is in order. Deckhands are skilled in operating tenders and water toys, allowing guests to fully enjoy their water-based adventures. Their expertise in maintaining the exterior areas of the yacht ensures a pristine and well-organized environment.


The chef is a crucial member of the crew, ensuring that guests aboard a crewed yacht charter are treated to a delectable culinary experience. Highly skilled in the art of gastronomy, the chef takes care of provisioning, menu planning, and meal preparation. From breakfast to dinner, they create mouthwatering dishes tailored to guests' preferences and dietary restrictions. A skilled chef can elevate your yacht charter experience by showcasing local flavors and culinary expertise.



The hostess, steward, or stewardess is responsible for maintaining impeccable service and ensuring guest comfort on board. They oversee housekeeping, organize meals, manage the bar, and attend to guests' needs. Their role extends beyond providing exceptional service; they create a welcoming atmosphere, arrange water sports activities, and assist with any special requests. The hostess/steward/stewardess ensures that every aspect of your charter is seamless, from serving meals to ensuring the cabins are well-prepared.

Skippered and Crewed Yacht Charter Options:

  • Fully Crewed Yacht Charter: In a fully crewed yacht charter, all crew members, including the skipper, chef, deckhand, and hostess/steward/stewardess, are provided as part of the charter package. This option allows guests to relax and enjoy a fully pampered experience, with every aspect of their stay taken care of by the professional crew.
  • Skippered Yacht Charter: A skippered yacht charter provides the services of a professional skipper or captain, while guests take on the responsibility of provisioning and preparing their own meals. This option is ideal for those who want the expertise of a skipper but prefer to have more control over the culinary aspects of their vacation.
  • Cabin Charter: Cabin charters offer the opportunity to book individual cabins on a larger yacht, typically with a small number of fellow guests. In this option, the crew manages the yacht's operations and provides meals, while guests enjoy the company of other like-minded travelers.
The Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA)

The Advance Provisioning Allowance, or APA, is a separate fund that guests pay in addition to the charter fee. The APA covers expenses such as fuel, food and beverages, marina fees, water sports activities, and other incidentals. The captain or designated crew member manages the APA and keeps a transparent record of expenses throughout the charter. Any remaining balance is refunded to the guests, or additional funds may be requested if the expenses exceed the initial APA.

Gratuity in Yacht Charters

Gratuity, also known as a tip, is a customary way to express appreciation for the exceptional service provided by the crew. The industry standard for gratuity in yacht charters is typically around 10-20% of the charter fee. It is discretionary and can be given directly to the captain or distributed among the crew. It is advisable to discuss gratuity expectations with the charter company to ensure clarity and fairness.

Choosing the Perfect Skippered or Crewed Yacht Charter

When selecting a skippered or crewed yacht charter, consider factors such as destination, yacht size, crew qualifications, and your personal preferences for culinary experiences and level of involvement. Research charter companies, read reviews, and communicate your expectations clearly to ensure the best match for your dream yacht charter vacation.


A skippered or crewed yacht charter provides the ultimate luxury and convenience, allowing you to relax and indulge in a truly pampered experience. Each crew member plays a vital role in ensuring your comfort, safety, and culinary enjoyment. Whether you choose a fully crewed charter, a skippered charter, or a cabin charter, the expertise and services provided by the crew will elevate your yacht charter experience to new heights. Consider your preferences, budget, and desired level of involvement, and embark on a journey where relaxation and indulgence go hand in hand.